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The Young Lenin

This article on the childhood, youth, and earliest revolutionary activism of V.I. Lenin draws heavily from Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: A Biography, a voluminous work by several Soviet authors with P.N. Pospelov as editor, and published in 1965 by Progress Publishers. It also draws from other biographical sources as well as from the History of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks): Short Course. We hope to follow up with subsequent articles on the subsequent historic phases of Lenin’s life and work.

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In the midst of this turbulent period, it is highly appropriate and urgently necessary that we revisit the great Lenin’s immense historical legacy regarding: (1) the importance of building a strong working-class movement, (2) the importance of revolutionary theory, and (3) the value of strategy and tactics appropriate to current conditions in each country.

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Joma Sison on the global situation and Covid-19 pandemic

A concise summary of the current international situation, the Covid-19 pandemic and the worsening global crisis. Sison explains that “the world capitalist system was already in trouble even before the Covid-19 pandemic arose. And the pandemic has unmasked and aggravated the crisis of global capitalism. It is of urgent importance to know how the people are affected and how they are responding.”

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In Transition to the Resurgence of the World Proletarian Revolution

This article by Jose Maria Sison is “prompted by the unprecedented scale and intensity of the people’s mass protests which have been breaking out in all continents since last year.” The author traces developments that have led to the mass protests that took up many current burning issues. Sison asserts that “the current wave of […]