ORCC Amsterdam group photo
Irina Malenko and Prof. Jose Ma. Sison
Fred Engst at ORCC Amsterdam
1917 February Revolution in Russia


October Revolution Centennial Declaration issued

The Organizing Committee of the October Revolution Centennial Celebration (ORCC) has released the final version of the General Declaration which was presented and discussed during the recently concluded People’s Conference on 23-24 September 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The “October Revolution Centennial Declaration” (ORCD) was drafted by key participants, took consideration of the major points debated during the two-day conference, and presented in plenary during the closing session. The assembly decided to further circulate the ORDC draft to get the full approval, or approval with specific reservations, by the participating organizations.


PRISM generates and shares resources needed by activists for revolutionary mass work. Its main thrust is to promote mass work for the purpose of revolutionary change.


We invite activists to lend their support for our programs and activities—as teachers, resource persons, writers, editors, trainors, seminar facilitators, network coordinators, volunteers, technical consultants, or donors.


We chose the acronym PRISM as a counter to the imperialist data mining program. We are mining data about the needs and interests of the people and for exposing imperialist machinations.