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Supporters of the Bolivarian revolution and the Maduro-led government in Venezuela march on the streets of Caracas to defend Chavismo and to condemn US intervention. Photo source:

Pro-Hamas rally in Gaza

Dec 13 -- Palestinian women chant slogans at a Gaza rally attended by thousands, marking the 30th anniversary of Hamas' founding. Hamas called for mass uprisings last week, after President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. (Photo by Reuters)

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A cultural worker waves a red flag with the communist hammer-and-sickle symbol during the 100th year celebration of the Great October Socialist Revolution led by various progressive groups in Davao City, the Philippines, at the Holy Cross of Davao College Auditorium on Wednesday, October 25. (Photo: Medel V. Hernani /

Frank Chapman of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization shares some of the lessons in the U.S. struggle for socialism. Marxist-Leninist and other socialist groups from several American cities held an October Revolution Centennial Conference in NYC on 1 July 2017, followed the next day by a festival of progressive culture in the city's Chinatown district.


Anatomy of the current crisis in Venezuela (Part 1)

As of April 2019, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela remains under serious threats of US military intervention which pursue the aim of ousting legitimately elected President Nicolas Maduro and replacing him with a puppet regime subservient to US interests.

A US-led imperialist cabal openly supported domestic reactionaries in their brazen attempt to forcibly replace Maduro with Juan Guaido, speaker of the National Assembly and leader of the extreme right-wing opposition. Right after Guaido declared himself interim president, US-imposed sanctions escalated, together with calls on the Venezuelan armed forces to “withdraw support” from Maduro (essentially urging a coup).

Despite this, Maduro remains in control. Guiado’s bid has fizzled out while the US “slow squeeze of sanctions” is apparently not working effectively as expected. The US continues to talk tough, even alluding to the option of direct military intervention, but international public opinion largely opposes that scenario and favors intra-Venezuela dialogue.


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