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No to Trotskyism

This is Part 2 of a summary of the major inner-Party struggles between the Bolsheviks led by Lenin, on one hand, and Trotsky and his followers and allies, on the other hand. It covers the inter-imperialist war, the 1917 revolution, and the conclusion of peace through the Brest-Litovsk treaty. Again, the various episodes during which Lenin and Trotsky directly clashed on matters of principle and policy during this period will show the falsity of claims that Trotsky and Lenin had convergent or even parallel views and positions until Lenin’s death in 1924.

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No to Trotskyism

This is a brief summary of inner-Party struggles between the Bolsheviks when Lenin was still the head of the Party, on one hand, and Trotsky and his followers and allies, on the other hand. It will show the falsity of claims that Trotsky and Lenin had convergent views and positions, and that this convergence was befouled by Stalin and the CPSU after Lenin’s death in 1924. It will show that the flawed theories held most dearly by Trotskyites had long been criticized by Lenin and the Bolsheviks.

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7-7. On the struggle to consolidate Soviet power, the peace of Brest-Litovsk, and the Seventh Party Congress

In the course of a few months, from the end of 1917 to the middle of 1918, a series of measures to consolidate, defend, and advance the gains of the socialist revolution were carried out. These measures undermined the very root of the power of the bourgeoisie and the landlords, the reactionary officials and the counterrevolutionary parties. Such measures strengthened the position of the new Soviet government within the country.

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Irina Malenko, who was born and raised in the former Soviet Union, is author of Sovietica, a three-volume personal account of life in the ex-socialist country and in the West where she presently resides. She delivered the keynote speech address for Topic 1, “Achievements of the October Revolution” at the Amsterdam People’s Conference on the Continuing Validity of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The conference was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 23-24 September 2017. This is the full text of his speech, with the PDF version attached at the end. Read more

This study guide on the Russian February (March 1917) Revolution, prepared on the occasion of the October Revolution Centennial Celebration, is offered as a continuing study material for activists who see a use for simplified historical accounts in popular education. Prepared by PRISM editors, March 2017. PDF, 10 pp.

Download as PDF file: CPSU History Ch06-condensed




In his book What Is to Be Done?, Lenin discussed the role of a nationwide newspaper not only as a collective propagandist but also a collective organizer, especially in the Russia of 1902 when there was no real and consolidated party as yet, and no solid links with the masses and sustained leadership of a broad mass movement. This article seeks to share an overview of Pravda (Truth) as a Bolshevik mass newspaper that eventually played that role and contributed to the victory of the 1917 October Socialist Revolution.

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Revisionist Betrayal of Socialism in the Soviet Union

Editor’s note: This presentation was read as a historical background to Irina Malenko’s book, Sovietica, at the launch of its Dutch version, Gelukkig in de Sovjet Unie, in Amsterdam, on 21 February 2016. Based on articles of the author in the wake of the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union, the presentation is reposted here as a quick summary of his views on socialism and revisionism in the context of the Russian revolution and counter-revolution. Read more