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Paris Commune as early example of proletarian internationalism

By ANDI BELISARIO, PRISM Contributor The 1871 Paris Commune encouraged, officially and in practice, the participation of non-French nationalities in its many concerns, both in decision-making and in actual ground-level actions. Thus it was not only following the internationalist tradition of the 1848 Revolution, but strengthened it further. Increasingly, its internationalism advanced along proletarian-socialist lines, […]

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Primer on the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune – III

This is Part 3 of the PRISM primer on the 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune. Here we restate the most important analyses, insights and lessons about the Paris Commune, as they were derived by proletarian-revolutionary thinkers and leaders closest to the actual events, namely, Marx and Engels. We also include the additional analyses and […]

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Combat Liberalism

This question-and-answer session on Mao Zedong’ article, “Combat Liberalism”, is the third episode in the ongoing ND Online series on Mao for the whole of December 2020. Mao Serye is part of the continuing study program by Anakbayan-Europa through its ND Online School.