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The October Revolution and its historic significance
A slideshow presentation prepared by ILPS Philippines (in English), 113 slides

PDF format: The October Revolution (ILPS Philippines study guide)

Powerpoint format: The October Revolution (ILPS Philippines study guide)

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October Revolution 100: Praymer sa Sentenaryong Pagdiriwang ng Rebolusyong Oktubre ng 1917
Downloadable PDF file:
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This study guide on the Russian February (March 1917) Revolution, prepared on the occasion of the October Revolution Centennial Celebration, is offered as a continuing study material for activists who see a use for simplified historical accounts in popular education. Prepared by PRISM editors, March 2017. PDF, 10 pp.

Download as PDF file: CPSU History Ch06-condensed




In his book What Is to Be Done?, Lenin discussed the role of a nationwide newspaper not only as a collective propagandist but also a collective organizer, especially in the Russia of 1902 when there was no real and consolidated party as yet, and no solid links with the masses and sustained leadership of a broad mass movement. This article seeks to share an overview of Pravda (Truth) as a Bolshevik mass newspaper that eventually played that role and contributed to the victory of the 1917 October Socialist Revolution.

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Editor’s note: This global situationer is Part I of the Chairperson’s Report to the Fifth International Assembly of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, which was held in Manila in November 2014. We repost it here as part of our broader effort to encourage further study and discussion of the global situation and trends among activists […]