Armed revolution of the Filipino people

Today, 21 September 2020, marks the 48th anniversary of the declaration of martial law throughout the Philippines by then President Ferdinand Marcos. In the declaration, he arrogated unto himself absolute powers on the pretext of defeating a Communist Party-led armed rebellion, “saving the Republic, and building a New Society.” Marcos and his wife Imelda, their families, their clique of military generals and favored big bureaucrats and capitalist cronies, thereby ushered in a 14-year fascist dictatorship, which legacies are felt until now.

This is the full-text version of an online talk by Prof. Jose Maria Sison on the Filipino peopleʼs long but victorious struggle against that dictatorship, its social roots, impacts, and lessons for the present and future. The talk was hosted by Edna Becher of Anakbayan-Europa on 20 September 2020. The text is from Prof. Sisonʼs Facebook page, with minor typo corrections by PRISM editors. The video version can be watched on FB Live:

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