Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: A Biography

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Free e-book (PDF-format) for download.

Pospelov, P.N., ed. 1965. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin: A Biography. Moscow: Progress Publishers. 591pp.

This voluminous biography of the great Lenin is an English translation of the original Russian, written by several Soviet authors with P.N. Pospelov as editor. It was published in Moscow by Progress Publishers in 1965. In certain portions of the book, Lenin’s life and legacy are seen from the astigmatic lens of Soviet revisionist thinking and bias against certain historical figures they deem controversial such as Stalin. But as a whole, the book cannot but reflect the basic truths about Lenin’s inspiring life as the great leader of the CPSU and Great October Socialist Revolution and founder of the first socialist state, USSR.

The e-book is a PDF file (23 MB), a photoscan of the original book and downloaded from http://archive.org. The PRISM editors did not modify the file in any way, except the automatic change in date-and-time stamp due to file transfer settings.

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