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MLM-SG-MM: Why Trotskyites Are Counterrevolutionaries Like Their Idol Trotsky

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PRISM editors are posting below the full text of another response, by the MLM Study Group – Metro Manila, to the Trotskyite views in general and on the Philippine revolution in recent years and decades. We invite more critiques and other reactions to such Trotskyite views on the basis of Marxism and from nationalist-democratic viewpoints as well.

Why Trotskyites Are Counterrevolutionaries Like Their Idol Trotsky

By MLM Study Group – Metro Manila
16 September 2020

1. They are hostile to the theory and practice of Marxism-Leninism and to the Communist and Workers’ Parties that adhere to Marxism-Leninism.

2. They oppose Lenin’s teaching that there must be a revolutionary party as the advance detachment or vanguard of the working class, consisting of individual proletarian revolutionaries belonging to definite Party organizations.

3. They oppose the class dictatorship of the proletariat as the key element of socialist revolution and of realizing socialist democracy for the working class and other oppressed classes.

4. They oppose the principle of democratic centralism and advocate the bourgeois liberal freedom of factions within the communist party.

5. They oppose the serial emergence of socialist countries by advocating a so-called permanent revolution in which all countries become socialist at the same time.

6. They oppose the socialist revolution led by Lenin and Stalin and pontificate that socialism is impossible in a single country.

7. They oppose the two stages of the revolution where the vestiges of feudalism are still considerable and there is a need for a new democratic revolution under the leadership of the proletariat and based on the worker-peasant alliance.

8. They oppose the tradition of the Third International with the so-called Fourth International, which they seek to impose on the international communist movement that now includes parties that are independent, equal, mutually respecting and mutually supporting parties.

9. They oppose the Chinese people’s democratic and socialist revolution led by the Communist Party of China and Mao.

10. They deny the victories of the socialist revolutions in the Soviet Union and China until modern revisionism undermined socialism and restored capitalism.

11. They have cheered the anti-communist line of Nazi Germany and other fascist regimes and scorn the key roles played by the Soviet Union under the leadership of the CPSU and Stalin and the China under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party and Mao in defeating the fascist armies of Germany and Japan, respectively.

12. They deny the victorious application of Marxism-Leninism in colonies and semicolonies which resulted in the powerful trend of decolonization.

13. They follow the example of Trotsky in supporting imperialism, fascism and other reactionary regimes and currents in the name of fighting so-called Stalinism against the communist parties and against the working class.

14. They have misrepresented themselves as the real Left or real communists but have served the fascist regimes before and during World War II and the US imperialist Cold War by harping on the anticommunist, anti-Stalin and anti-Mao line.

15. They have served as the source of propagandists and entryist spies or penetration agents of imperialists and fascists against communist parties and the working class since the time Trotsky was expelled from the ranks of the Bolsheviks.

16. They welcome the restoration of capitalism in former socialist countries as vindication of Trotsky’s counterrevolutionary betrayal of the socialist cause of the working class.

17. They welcome the anti-worker neoliberal policy and the so-called global value chain as a preparation for the permanent revolution of the working class with no consideration of differences in the national histories and circumstances.

18. They pontificate that the new democratic revolution led by the working class in the Philippines and similar underdeveloped countries is necessarily bourgeois nationalist and is a subordination of the proletariat to the national bourgeoisie.

19. They echo the big lie and slander of the anti-communist regimes in the Philippines that the Second Great Rectification Movement of the CPP from 1992 to 1998 was a “bloody purge” instead of being the educational campaign that criticized, repudiated and rectified the errors and bloody crimes of the Trotskyites and other counterrevolutionaries.

20. They inspired the Filipino Trotskyite Ricardo Reyes in 1979 to spread the line that the Philippine economy was already industrial capitalist (as Marcos likewise claimed), that the people’s democratic revolution through protracted people’s war was invalid and that reformism and urban insurrections were called for.

21. They obscure the fact that the Trotskyite Reyes was the first to approve Kampanyang Ahos in 1985 and that his Trotskyite sidekick Nathan Quimpo carried out the torture and murder campaign against communists and mass activists in the name of ferreting out “deep penetration agents”.

22. They also deny the fact that the Trotskyite Popoy Lagman started the anti-DPA hysteria and crimes in the Manila-Rizal region, together with Nilo de la Cruz, by claiming the so-called June “breakthrough” of 1987, and they extended the torture and murder campaign to the Southern Tagalog and Northern Luzon regions. (They obscure the fact that later on Lagman and de la Cruz had a falling out over the Php 250 million bribe money from the Amari real estate firm, leading to the murder of Lagman by the RPA group.)

23. They now insist again that because of the neoliberal policy the Philippines is already industrial capitalist and that the issue is already socialism and yet they pontificate that socialism is not possible in any single country.

24. They preach that the people’s war should be stopped and they applaud the military campaigns of suppression and then blame both the legal democratic forces and the armed revolutionary movement for whatever brutalities that the reactionary military perpetrate on them and the people.

25. They assist the Duterte terror regime by red-tagging the legal democratic forces and lumping them with the CPP and the NPA to embolden the regime to engage in abductions, torture, murder and other forms of state terrorism.

26. They misrepresent the diplomatic efforts and gestures of the revolutionary forces of the NDFP, the legal democratic forces and peace advocates of various classes and institutions to encourage the Duterte regime to engage in peace negotiations in 2016 and 2017 as capitulation to or alliance with and subordination to the Duterte regime and the national bourgeoisie and gloat that the regime is unleashing state terrorism against them and the people.

27. They deny the glaring fact that since the beginning of the Duterte regime in 2016 it has been waging all-our war against the Filipino people and revolutionary movement and that the revolutionary forces have been carrying out a people’s war which continues.

28. They deny or belittle the nationwide growth in strength and advance of the revolutionary forces (the CPP, NPA the NDFP, its revolutionary mass organizations and the people’s democratic government) from modest beginnings in 1968 and 1969.

29. They tout Trotsky and themselves as revolutionaries superior to Stalin and Mao and entire revolutionary movements but they cannot cite any revolutionary victory of Trotskyism anywhere in the world.  30. They are notorious for being special agents of the fascists in World War II and subsequently of US imperialism and reactionary puppet regimes against communist parties and revolutionary movements during the Cold War and thereafter until now.

30. They are notorious for being special agents of the fascists in World War II and subsequently of US imperialism and reactionary puppet regimes against communist parties and revolutionary movements during the Cold War and thereafter until now.

Correction: An earlier version is incomplete, covering only Points 1-20. This correct version, posted 2020-09-17 at 03:11 is the complete one, covering Points 1-30.

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